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The Ariyaman beach, a neat location on the side of Palk Bay, has turned out to be a much sought after picnic destination not only for the entertainment-starved people of Ramanathapuram district, but also among the people of nearby districts.


Though the district has been blessed with a few good beaches, including the one at Sangumal and another at Muhunthrayarchathiram, it is Ariyaman beach, which attracts huge crowd of locals (Ramnadirians) on a daily basis, particularly on holidays and during festivals.


Adding to the beauty of the Ariyaman beach, which is situated nearly 27 km from here, is the calm waters of Palk Bay. The gentle waves with a steady breeze fascinate picnic mongers. The beach, which measures nearly 150 meters wide, extends to a stretch of about two kilometers and boasts a good environment for the tourists to enjoy the nature.


The existing casuarinas plantation also adds to its glamour. Sensing the tourist patronage, a private entrepreneur has come up with a children's park, a watchtower, an artificial thundershower, a swimming pool, boating facility, a water scooter, wind surfing and other facilities. Though these value added facilities are yet get complete shape, as works are underway, they also prove to be a sure draw among the visitors.


According to a rough estimate of the Tourism Department, the Ariyaman beach is visited by nearly 5000 people, most of them locals, during weekends and public holidays and 500 on weekdays.


The beach received a huge crowd on New Year Day, Christmas Day and Bakrid festival.

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