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The Krishnaraja Sagar dam or popularly called KRS dam is one of the principal dams in South India & is built close to the convergence of 3 rivers Cauvery, Hemavati & Lakshmana Thirtha.  It was buikt by krishnaraja Wodeyar IV during the year 1932. The KRS Dam of Mysore is approximately 8600 feet long and 130 feet high with a reservoir spread around an area of 130 sq.kms.

The northern edge of the dam is beautified by colorful dancing fountains. Illuminated by bright lights, the fountains make people dance and jump to its vibrant music. The dam is also an important source of water for agricultural operations of farmers of Mysore and Mandya districts. The Vringavan Garden is a terrace garden which elevates the beauty of the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam. The location chosen for the construction of the dam was a small village called “Kannambadi”. The village subsequently submerged under the water after the dam was completed. Because of this fact the locals also call the dam “Kannambadi Katte”. 


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