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Manimuthar Dam located 47 Km away from Tirunelveli of TamilNadu. Gorgeous garden of Dam, pleasure boating makes this place ideal for picnic with peaceful atmospherse. Waterfalls is 5 Km from dam through Zig Zag Ghat road. Manjolai Tea Estate having salubrious climate can he visited is 10 km from dam. Rest house is available in the dam itself. In the year 1957, Manimuthar dam was built across the river just three km, above its confluence with Tamiraparani.

The river Manimuthar is a major tributary of the Tamiraparani. Manimuthar river originates on the eastern slopes of western ghats in Tirunelveli district. It arises from the dense forest at Senkutheri in Ambasamudram taluk at the height of about 1300 m. from MSL. The tributaries of the Manimuthar are the Keezha Manimuthar (lower or eastern Manimuthar) and the Varattar. The river runs from its source for a distance of 9 km. and confluences with the Tamiraparani near Kallidaikurichi. The river contributes a lot, as tributary, to enhance the water level of Tamiraparani as it is always in full spate and perennial.

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