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The Suruli Falls which falls from a height of 150 feet gathers into a pool, flows for a short distance and again plummets to a depth of 40 feet, offering a spectacular sight of nature's raw and wild beauty. The dense forest that surround it provide an awesome backdrop. Facilities are available for men and women to bathe separately in This falls. The special feature of the fall is that it is "a round the year" fall. However, the best season to visit is June - October, when the thickness of the water column is astounding. The beauty of this fall finds mention in Tamil Epic, Silappathikaram written by poet Ilango

Kailasanathar Temple Cave is located near Suruli Falls. There are 18 caves in and around the Suruli falls. The Kailasanathar Cave Temple is situated 800 metres above the fall and lhas a spring, which possesses water of curative powers. A Dargah named after Abubacker Masthan is another important place of worship in Suruli. This is the place where the body of Abubacker Masthan is interred. This is very close to the cave temple of Kailasanatha.

Abubacker was a Muslim mystic who lived around the 1630s.One more temple for Lord Kartikeya is also located near the falls which is called Suruli Velappar Temple. Devotees carry pots of milk on Saturdays in the Tamil month of Chithirai to this temple

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