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Kangla Fort    

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The Kangla Fort is located on the bank of the Imphal River in Imphal city.

The architecture of the fort is amazing and worth watching. It has great archaeological, religious and historical value. The main chamber is twenty feet high, and the fort is built of well-burnt bricks.The fort is surrounded by a moat having three entrances. There are two huge statues of Dragons in front which were damaged during the war.

There is a temple of the local deity, Lord Pakhangba where the locals come for worship. The pond near the temple is believed to be sacred as the locals believe that he Lord resides here. Lord Koubru is also worshipped here.

The fort is in quite a ruined condition today due to repeated attacks.

The Manipur Government along with the Archeological Department has initiated the development and restoration of the fort. They also plan to make the fort into Kangla Fort Archaeological Park .

Directorate of Tourism, Imphal (Code  03852) Tel : 224603, 220802    
Government of India Tourist Office,Jail Road, Imphal (Code  03852) Tel : 221131

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