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Approaching from (65 km), Dindigul. Amidst paddy fields and coconut groves, it stands out like a welcome symbol, one kilometer short of the city centre. Under the Mysore reign in the 18th century, this fort marked the border between the Madurai and Mysore kingdoms. Dindugul town was not in existence at that time, whereas the region was an amalgamation of a few villages. Today the fort is an important landmark of Dindigul town.

The Dindigul Fort is one of the major landmarks of the city. The fort has been constructed on a huge rock about 280 ft height and looks like Pillow (‘Dhindu’), From 1784 to 1790 the Fort was under the emperor of Tipu Sultan. In 1784, Tipu‘s Commandant Syed Ibrahim, under whose care the fort was, constructed many rooms, strengthened the walls and laterally got repaired. In 1790 Tipu was defeated in the Mysore war and the Fort came into the hands of British.

The Madurai Nayak king Muthu Krishnappa Naicker started building the rock fort in 1605, and completed it in 1655 during the reign of Thirumalai Nayak. A temple (Abiramiamman) was later built on the tip of the rock. Rani Mangammal, during her regime, carved out 600 steps in the rock fort to reach a hill temple. During the Muslim invasions the Idol was relocated to the present Abiramiamman temple in Dindigul Bazaar


There are host of travel options that are available to reach the town. The nearest airport is located at Madurai and it is around 66 km from the town. There are taxis that are available from the Madurai airport and they are the best option to reach the town. They charge around Rs 700 for the trip. The nearest international airport is located at Chennai and there are frequent train services from Chennai to Dindigul.

Dindigul railway station is well connected to the rest of the state and there are frequent trains that arrive from places such as Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore and other parts of Tamil Nadu. Trains are the easiest option to reach Dindigul and they are inexpensive as well. Trains from Chennai to Dindigul are available on a daily basis and they cost around Rs 250 for a non A/C three tier compartment. A/C tickets are more expensive. However, they are comfortable and an easy way to travel. There are auto rickshaws and taxis that are available from the railway station to the city. Auto Rickshaws are a cheap and easy option. They cost around Rs 100 to reach any place from the railway station. There are taxi services that are also available from most of the nearby cities

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