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Keibul Lamjao National Park    

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Location:-  Keibul Lamjao, 10 km from Moirang Bazzar, Bishnupur district.
Distance :- 50 Km. from Imphal (State Capital of Manipur).

Kelbul Lamjao National Park is situated 53km from Imphal on the fringes of Loktak Lake.
The only floating National Park in the World, on the Loktak Lake is the last natural habitat of "Sangai" - the dancing deer of Manipur . A glimpse of the deer in this unique wetland ecosystem is a must for any wildlife enthusiast. Other wildlife : Hog Deer, Otter and a host of water fowls and migratory birds can also be sighted during November to March. The Forest Department maintains watch towers and two rest houses within the park.

An animal found only in Manipur is the Sangai. Its common English name is Manipur Brow-antlered Deer and the scientific name, Cervus eldi eldi McClelland. It lives in the marshy wetland in Keibul Lamjao. Its habitat is located in the southern parts of the Loktak Lake, which is the largest freshwater lake in Eastern India.The Sangai is the State animal of Manipur, and is projected as the social and the cultural identity of the State.

The Animals

Some very rare animals may be encountered in and around this wilderness. The star attraction, of course, is the brow-antlered deer Cervus eldi eldi, called sangai in the local Meitei dialect. This particular subspecies of the Thamin deer is also fondly called Manipur’s dancing deer because of its delicate gait as it negotiates its way along the floating wetlands.

Other species of deer seen here include the hog deer, sambar and muntjac .The Rhesus monkey is found ubiquitously around the park. Some other animals seen here are black bear , the Malayan bear ,the large Indian civet Viverra zibetha and small Indian civet Viverricula indica, common otter Lutra lutra and wild boar Sus scrofa,the marbled cat and Temminck’s golden cat.
The Birds

A variety of rare birds occur in Keibul Lamjao and the Loktak Lake. The avifauna consists primarily of the smaller reed-dwelling species. Waterfowl, which were unfailing winter migrants to the lake, are becoming more rare because of the lack of open water surfaces. The Hooded Crane may be seen in the Manipur valley. The Black Eagle and the Shaheen Falcon ,the Eastern White Stork, Bamboo Partridge and Green Peafowl are also found here.
Some of the species of hornbills found here include the Brownbacked Hornbill, Rufousnecked Hornbill, Wreathed Hornbill, the Pied Hornbill and the Great Pied Hornbill.

Invertebrate :-   Many Vertebrate -(a)Fishes (b) Amphibian (c) Reptiles-Tortoise, Viper, Krait, Cobra,
Python, Common Lizard. (d) Mammals - Sangai, Hog deer, Wildboar, Large Indian Civet Cat, Common Otter etc.

Flora (Aquatic)
Zizania latifolia( Ishing kambong), Saccharum munja (Khoimom), S. bengal ensis, Eiranthus procerus (Singnang), Dioschoria bulbifera (Phumha), Cynodon dactylon (Tinthou), Alpinia galanga (pullei). Eichornia crossipes (Kabokang). Hedychium coronarium (Loklei), Nelumbo nucifera (Thambal), Phragmites Karka (Tou) & 100 other spp.

How to Visit :-  By passenger bus from Imphal Bus Terminus located near Ima Women Market, Nipakheithel, Imphal. Or by private vehicles. Bus Fare:- Rs. 40/- (Condition apply). On hiring private vehicle, fare is negotiable.

Accommodation:- Overnight halt at one of these rest houses is advisable for early morning visit.
                  i) Forest Rest House, Keibul Lamjao
                  ii) Sendra Tourist Centre, Sendra
                  iii) Moirang Tourist Centre.
Best Season :- October to April.
Best Time :-     Early sunrise or late afternoon but before sunset.
Pass required :- Inner Line Permit is required for outer domicile person and Foreigners.  
Amount Payable :- For entering the gate, visitors are required to take pass ticket issued by the Department of Soil and Conservation and Wild Life Protection. Ticket amount is nominal.
For more information please contat  Chief Wildlife Warden
Government of Manipur Imphal - 795 001  Phone: 2220854

Deputy Conservator of Forests
Keibul Lamjao National Park   Phone: 2224306

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