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A masterpiece of architecture, Ganga Temple in Bharatpur is truly the most beautiful among all the temples in the city. The temple is conveniently situated in the heart of Bharatpur city and is home to a striking idol of goddess Ganga. A large number of devotees from all over the country visit the Ganga Temple in Bharatpur with an unwavering faith that all their unmet desires would be fulfilled. The temple also attracts visitors to its splendid architecture that is sure to leave you awestruck.

Ganga Temple in Bharatpur was built by Maharaja Balwant Singh, the ruler of Bharatpur. It is said that the king who had no child for several years pleaded to goddess Ganga to fulfill his desire and even promised to get a temple constructed in her name if he was blessed with a son. As the legend goes, the goddess granted his wish and the king ordered the construction of the temple in 1845 that took nearly 91 years to complete! History suggests that the idol of goddess Ganga was finally placed in the temple, which was then named after her, by Brijendra Singh who was the fifth descendant of Balwant Singh.

Besides a striking idol of the goddess, Ganga Temple in Bharatpur also houses a huge dummy of a crocodile that is said to be the divine carrier of the goddess. The devotees at the temple are offered the holy water from River Ganga that is especially brought from Haridwar each year and kept in a huge silver pot near the feet of the goddess. It is believed that after the water receives the divine blessings of goddess Ganga, it is distributed to the visitors in the form of prasad. A perfect blend of Rajputana, Mughal and South Indian styles of architecture, Ganga Temple in Bharatpur displays exquisite carvings on its walls and pillars that are worth a sight.

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