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Pachmarhi is 47 km from Pipariya. Pipariya is on Itarasi-Jabalpur rail line, 2 hours from Jabalpur and approximately 1 hour from Itarsi. 

Pachmarhi can also be reached directly by bus from Bhopal, which is 210 km away by road, Itarsi or Jabalpur.

Regarded as holy for countless of generations, Mahadeo hill has a shrine with an idol of Lord Shiva and an impressive Shivlinga. On the East side of the hill is an excellent cave shelter with beautiful cave paintings.

Sandstone hills situated in the northern part of the Satpura Range at an altitude of 1363 m, Mahadeo hill in southern Madhya Pradesh is famous for the ancient shrine of Lord Shiva. This holy shrine holds an imposing idol of Lord Shiva and a fabulous Shivalingam. 

A hill with deep gorges and steep, Mahadeo hill is regarded as a holy place over centuries. A cave on the eastern portion of this majestic hill presents beautiful cave paintings. Inside the cave is located a holy pond, where the devotees take a religious dip. The serene premises of this holy shrine will be crowded with millions of devotees on Mahashivaratri day.

Chhota Mahadeo

Revered as a sacred spot, this is a narrow point in the valley with rocks overhanging a stream and a spring from where water cascades down.

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