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Welcome to City of Pilgrimage is with what Nasik or Nashik welcomes you when you reach their by road. Nasik is one of the most holiest places in India and is sacred as it is in this place Lord Rama along with Devi Sita and brother Laxman spent their part of the exile period and has witnessed several mythological events. Its is one of the four cities which hosts Kumbha Mela which occurs every after 12 years next is on 2015. Legend has that during Sagar Manthan the Demigods while they tried to hide the Nector of Immortality from the demons, four drops fell onto the four location on the earth other location are Prayag,Haridwar and Ujjain. Thus these four places are believed to have acquired mystic power and hosts the Meha Kumbha Mela every after 12 years "Kumbha" means "Pot of Nector" and "Mela" means festival where dates are calculated depending upon the certain planetary positions. In the medieval era several temples where built by devotees along the bank of river Godavari.

The name Panchavati it got is from the five banyan tree present in the vicinity where Lord Ram and Sita spent their exile period. The name Nasik also has a legend, during exile period Laxman brother of Shri Ram cut off Shupernakha's Nose In Sanskrit Nose means "Nasik" and throws it on other side of the river Godavari Ganga which then christened as "Nasik" or "Nashik". Thus on one side of the sacred river is known as Nasik while other side where five banyan tree is known as Panchavati. Various legends are associated with each of the places here and its to be noted that Lord Rama hasn't consecrated any of the Idols during his exile period here though some of the priests here falsely claims that some Shivlingams are consecrated by Lord Rama himself. Most of the temples falls in Panchavati province where only one or two resides other side of the river Godavari in Nasik.

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