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Rani Bhatiani Temple is Situated 158 km from Barmer on the Nakoda-Balotara road, Jasol was once ruled by the Mallani clan of Rajputs, who held sway over Barmer for a long time. Jasol was their capital, and from the 12th century onwards to the 16thcentury a number of exquisite Jain temples were built in Jasol, most of which are in a state of disrepair now.

The major attraction of the town today is the Tour this very ancient temple city to view the magnificent Rani Bhatiani temple. Rani Bhatiani Temple is constructed from materials brought from Khed which originally belonged to a Jain temple dedicated to Mahaveer, their 24th and last prophet. The temple also houses some intricately carved sculptures brought from Khed.

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