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Trishna Wild Life Sanctuary is located Belonia Subdivision of South Tripura District and about 100 Km away from Agartala city of Tripura. It covers the area of 197.7 sq km. Bison is the main attraction in this sanctuary. Apart from Bison varieties of birds, Deer, Hooklock Gibbon, Golden Langur, Capped Langur, Pheasants and many other animals are there. Sanctuary has a rich vegetation and fauna. The Trishna wildlife Sanctuary was discovered in the year November 1988. This is the good educative place for the school going children, academicians, Botanists, environmentalists, taxonomists and visitors. This has a rich Bio-diversity. Best time to visit the place is throughout the year.

To visit the Place the Nearest airport is at Agartala city. Also the user can take the road journey through Agartala. The accommodations are available just near to the Sanctuary. The forest covers 62% of the total area, 18% is covered by degraded forest and the rest 20% is covered by bushy forest. Sanctuary also has a numbers of perennial water rivulets, water bodies, and grass lands.

The sanctuary has Tropical Semi Evergreen Forest, East Himalayan lower Bhabar sal, Moist mixed deciduous Forest and Savanah wood land. There are numbers of tree species, herb, Shrubs, climbers, grass are in the forest. There are 230 number of trees species 400 number of herbs, 110. Several bird species are found inside the sanctuary. 

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